The entire Canadian city of Fort McMurray, Alberta, was evacuated due to huge wildfire


Highway 63 is the only road out of the city and flames jumped the road. Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau said the federal government stands ready to help but he urged residents to follow evacuation orders. “It’s chaos on the roads. People are panicking. It’s gridlock on the roads. Flames are right next to a gas station,” said a reporter at the radio station KAOS. The hospital in Fort McMurray, the Northern Lights Regional Health Centre, was evacuated. The fire had also hit the Centennial Trailer Park.” We’ve had a devastating day,” fire Chief Darby Allen said. “Fort McMurray has been overrun by wildfire.” The Department of National Defense offered airlift and other transportation support for firefighting as well as logistical help. The Fort McMurray International Airport remained open. Fortunately, officials say there are no serious injuries or fatalities at this time.


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