Beer from the time of Jesus was recreated by Israel’s smallest brewery


The brewery made it from 5 kilos (11 pounds) of grain donated by the Tel Aviv University geneticists and produced 20 liters (five gallons) of “biblical beer” with a three percent alcohol content. According to university geneticists, Herzl Brewery’s concoction uses a strain of wheat used in the region 2,000 years ago. The beer in the Holy Land two millennia ago had “surprising” flavor with a hint raspberry even though no fruit was added. There’s a hint of honey and berries in the cloudy and flat nectar. According to the Jewish Museum in Munich, beer was introduced to Israel from Egypt by the ancient Israelites. But wine is the sacred beverage for both Judaism and Christianity, is frequently mentioned in their scriptures and figures to this day in their religious practice. The brewery has no intention to make any more of “biblical beer.”


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