Finland sets new Mobile Phone Throwing World Championship record


The new world distance record that was officialy recognized by the Mobile Phone Throwing World Championship judges is being questioned. Chris Hughff managed to throw a phone even further as a guest participant during the JIM Mobile’s Belgium Championship that was held earlier this year.


Chris offered video proof and used a laser rangefinder to measure the 102.68 metre throwing distance. But his record remains unofficial. Ere Karjalaine declared that he prepared for the competition “mainly by drinking”. South African Jeremy Gallop won the second place after throwing his mobilephone 94.67 metres away.

Throwing mobile phones is no longer just a way to show your anger. It’s an international sport that began 12 years ago in . The objective of the Mobile Phone Throwing World championship is to throw you mobile phone as far as possible in the name of sport.


The judging is done based on the category: by distance of by technique. The three main categories are:


  • Over the shoulder (who throws the farthest distance wins)
  • Free style (the technique of the throw is considered)
  • Junior (for kids younger than 12 years)


Throwers from all over the world gather to participate in this Championship. Now that this year’s event is over people are already subscribing to compete in the next year’s event.



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