The U.S. will use cyber-attacks against ISIS


“Our cyber operations are disrupting their command-and-control and communications,” Obama said after an April meeting at CIA headquarters in Virginia. The goal of the new campaign is to disrupt the ability of the Islamic State to spread its message, attract new adherents, circulate orders from commanders and carry out day-to-day functions, like paying its fighters. The goal is redirecting militants to areas more vulnerable to attack by American drones or local ground forces or to interrupt electronic transfers and misdirect payments. Talking publicly about the program is already a weapon: this will make ISIS question the integrity of their communications. U.S. Cyber Command is based out of Ford Meade, Md. A warning was however issued by James Lewis, a cybersecurity expert at the Center for Strategic and International Studies: the U.S. needs to be careful about disrupting the Internet to insure that attacks don’t also affect civilian networks or systems needed for critical infrastructure and other public necessities.


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