Intense fighting in south of Syria Kills 6


The fighting comes on the second day of Eid al-Fitr, one of the major Muslim holidays, and a day after the new United Nation’s envoy to Syria, Lakhdar Brahimi, confirmed that he did not have any concrete ideas on how to put a finish to the conflict. The envoy also stated that without a unified stand by the United Nation’s Security Council, his mission would be difficult. On Sunday at his Paris home, he told The Associated Press the problem is how people are going to behave differently and not what he was going to do differently.

When he was asked what he wants from the Security Council, he said he just needed them to be supportive of what he was doing on their behalf and speak in one voice. The Local Coordination and Syrian Observatory for Human Rights committees were responsible for reporting the incident. The groups further reported fighting in most parts of the country. The most affected areas were Aleppo in the north and suburbs of Damascus where a good number of people were wounded or killed.

Though the reports could not receive independent confirmation, El-said Mohammed, a Damascus activist, said about seventy people were wounded and seven people killed. This was after government forces decided to shell Moadamiyeh with mortars and tanks. Mohammed, speaking by Skype, said a defection of a tank and some 30 troops may have been the cause of the incident. Though his story could not be verified, the Observatory confirmed that three rebels and five civilians were killed during the shelling of the town. Kofi Annan (former U. N. Secretary-General) was replaced by Brahimi as the peace envoy to Syria on Friday. In the past, Brahimi has served as a U.N. envoy in Iraq and Afghanistan. He was also part of the team that helped to negotiate the end of civil war in Lebanon.

The international community was not as supportive as Annan needed them to be and that is why his mission failed, Brahimi said. He added that strong Arab and Western backed action against Syria’s President was being blocked by China and Russia veto power at the Security Council. On Sunday, he was travelling to New York and will have meetings with the Arab League in Cairo later.


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