Explosion at a Mexican chemical plant killed three and more than 100 were injured


Three were killed and at least 136 injured. People were at the time urged to stay away from the area and Thursday classes at area schools were canceled. “The cloud that emanated from the PMV plant in Coatzacoalcos is dissipating rapidly, which means it is losing its toxic effects,” the company said via its Twitter account. What caused the blast was unclear but toxic fumes were dissipated. “The current situation at the plant… is under control and there is no risk to the population,” Pemex said later in the evening. The company says a full investigation into the causes of the explosion will be conducted. President Enrique Pena Nieto said on Twitter that the government would help the “affected workers and neighbors of the area.” Pemex provides one-fifth of the Mexican government’s revenue.



More than ten people were killed in explosion.


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