Tension between Turkey and Germany over a satirical TV clip


Previously, another satirical show Extra 3 broadcasted a song accusing Erdogan of crackdowns on protests and press freedoms. Insulting a foreign head of state is illegal in Germany, and Bohmermann could face jail time up to three years if found guilty. But there is a discussion here about the limits of what could be considered satire

. Chancellor Merkel ahhirmed that that Germany has freedom of opinion and artistic expression but at the same time promised to carefully checking the note from Turkey in the coming days. “For the chancellor freedom of opinion, art and science is one of our country’s greatest assets and non-negotiable, from the inside or from the outside,” announced government spokesperson Steffen Seibert at a press conference on Tuesday. “I believe that the boundaries of freedom of opinion have been crossed here. However, it remains to be seen whether this can be seen as a piece of art, because much more is allowed in art,” Ulrich Schellenberg, President of the German Lawyers Association said.


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