Pope Francis and the Ecumenical Patriarch Bartholomew will visit a refugees campus in Greece


The analysts already observed that a visit to a refugee camp by the leaders of the Catholic and Orthodox churches is not a pleasant fact for the EU leaders who are under the pressure of many human rights groups. Because the real problems which occurred linked to the presence of refugees, the EU was forced to limit access of new refugees and even to deporting them back to Turkey. Considering changes to the asylum rules, the Europe is in self defense.

This is the biggest inflow of since the end of World War II and the most difficult fact is that the refugees have almost in all cases some preferred destinations. If changed, the new rules force the arrivals to register and seek asylum in the country in which they arrive with the possibility to be redistributed in a second step. But it can be possible to be adopted another variant which permits a distribution from start. A good solution needs more time but all, the refugees and the politic leaders are pressed now.


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