Mother Agelica, the founder of the Ethernal World Television Network, died at 92


Now the Eternal Word Television Network is on air for 24 hours a day. EWTN broadcasts orthodox Catholic teaching through Bible studies, religious movies and documentaries, children’s shows, discussions, sermons and call-ins to 148 million homes in 144 countries. Her influence extended to the Vatican, where Pope John Paul II, considered a conservative on Catholic doctrine, was an admirer. But like other televangelists, Mother Angelica attracted critics troubled by her single-minded vision of the path to God. In a 1994 article in the National Catholic Reporter, Jesuit priest

Raymond Schroth assailed Mother Angelica for what he considered her lack of intellectual sophistication. Anyone who watches EWTN will have to conclude that Catholicism is a Disneyland of pseudo-miracles, with a piety that exalts Mary over Jesus, more determined to squelch the Spirit than allow him or her to speak,” he wrote. On the other part, Mother Angelica criticized church in America. “I’m so tired of you, liberal church in America.You’re sick. . . . You have nothing to offer. You do nothing but destroy,” she said.


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