Deadly terrorist blast killed dozens in Ankara


Kizilay Square, the scene of the attack on Sunday, is one of Ankara’s most popular commercial and entertainment hubs. The square has been closed fearing a possible second explosion. The Turkish authorities, as they had after other attacks, imposed a ban on local news media coverage of the bombing n an effort to prevent the dissemination of photographs from the bombing scene. On Sunday, Mr. Erdogan said Turkey would continue to assert its right of self-defense against terrorist threats. A statement from the White House said the United States condemned the bombing. This is the third major blast in the Turkish capital since last October. Three weeks earlier, a bombing on a military convoy in Ankara killed 28 people. A militant group based in Turkey called the Kurdistan Freedom Falcons claimed responsibility for that attack, identifying the bomber as a 26-year-old Turkish citizen. The attack on Sunday appeared intended to kill civilians.


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