Details regarding FBI raid on Kim Dotcom made public


It was then decided that Kim Dotcom was no longer a risk.

The nature of Dotcom’s arrest is unique. US authorities came in very strong as they wanted to make an example out of his arrest. The FBI extradition process is stalled as a judge rules that the military style operation used to detain Kim Dotcom was illegal.

Video scenes of the dramatic Kim Dotcom raid were made public to the press. Two helicopters were used to bring in special commandos close to the mansion. The sound of helicopters in the morning didn’t come as a big surprise to Dotcom as he was expecting guests.

As soon as he heard banging noises he feared the worst. In order to avoid a possible terrorist attack Kim Dotcom went to hide in the Panic Room right after pressing the panic button in his bedroom. The panic button was connected to a sophisticated alert system that sent emails and SMS to the entire security staff.

As things unfolded Kim Dotcom suspected that his “attackers” were part of law-enforcement. He chose not to lock his secret hideout and just wait to be found. He did not exit the hideout as he feared he could scare the troupes and get accidentally shot. Kim Dotcom relates the troups used force to handle him although there was no need for it.

FBI justified this big scale operation on purported device that could wipe evidence remotely. No such device was uncovered and computer experts argue if such a device could even exist. The only way to wipe files and leave no traces would be by using a powerful degausser device near the hard drives that stock that information.


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