Conference against ISIS, at Rome, Tuesday


However Syria and Iraq remain the main theaters of action against Islamic State. U.S. officials said the Pentagon’s fiscal year 2017 budget will call for more than $7 billion to fight Islamic State. Britain plans to send up to 1,000 ground troops to Libya. Pentagon officials have expressed increasing frustration that some of the 64 partner nations and regional groups in the U.S.-led coalition gathered to battle Islamic State militants have not been doing enough to help. Secretary of State John Kerry will be at Rome to “discuss ways to further intensify commitments across all lines of effort to degrade and defeat this terrorist group,” State Department spokesman John Kirby said last week. U.S. warplanes have conducted 68 percent of the 6,655 airstrikes in Iraq and 94 percent of the 3,305 airstrikes in Syria since August 2014. “We will conquer Rome, by Allah’s permission” ISIS declared in a video. Now, at Rome, important decisions are expected.


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