The Corruption Perceptions Index was published Wednesday


Denmark (91), Finland (90), Sweden (89), (88), Netherlands and Norway (both 87) are situated at the top of the list perceived as the less corrupted countries. Somalia (8) and North Korea (8) are at the bottom of the list. Afghanistan (11), Sudan (12) and South Sudan (15) are also there. The Czech Republic, Rwanda and Kuwait, on the other hand, improved their scores considerably compared to the last year. China’s score went up by one point (from 36 to 37) but it moved 17 places on the list. Transparency International doesn’t claim however that the CPI measures corruption, witch are a lot of aspects, but rather perceptions of corruption and only in the public sector. In fact all countries still face corruption-related challenges and it’s not possible to have an instrument to measure  it with exactitude.


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