The nude statues had been covered Tuesday at Rome’s Capitoline Museums


Rouhani is on a trip to Europe leading a 120-member delegation, that includes government ministers and business leaders, with the expressed goal to have contacts in Italy and France which can contribute to boost Iran’s economy. 14 economic and coop agreements were signed in Italy, opening a new chapter in economic and scientific-cultural exchange. His presence in Rome determined an uncommon reaction from the office of prime minister Matteo Renzi who ordered to cover the nude statues in Rome’s Capitoline Museums. White wooden panels were placed around the statues Monday, when Iranian president Hassan Rouhani publicly met with Italian prime minister Matteo Renzi. As a show of respect for Iranian culture,     alcohol –  which is considered forbidden by some Islamic followers – also was not served during the event. “Respect for other cultures cannot and must not equal the negation of ours,” was the public reaction of  Italian parliament member Luca Squeri as of many others Italians leaders.


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