Tie between US and Australia can be a Threat for China


Mr. Keating had said that he had predicted the prosperity of China compared to the rest of the world. He said, “The presumption that US foreign policy was almost always synonymous with Australia’s international best interests was inaccurate. The relatively rapid rise of China will bring clarity in the points of differentiation.” He warned against this action because it could result applying the superior military power of US over China.

Therefore, military conflict would occur. He said, “We need a structure that encourages China to participate in the region, rather than seeking to dominate it.”

Mr. Keating also said, “The seemingly perpetual invocation of this human rights mantra attributes no moral value to the size and quality of the Chinese achievement. The human condition had improved dramatically across the Chinese landscape.”

The business people, who have concern over the latest speech of the leader of opposition party, Tony Abbott, will be tension-free by listening to the speech of Mr. Keating.

According to Mr. Abbott’s speech, he represented a tougher rule of foreign governing investment. He said, “Chinese investment in Australia was complicated by the prevalence of state-owned enterprises. It would rarely be in Australia’s national interest to allow a foreign government or its agencies to control an Australian business”

The defense minister said, “Our most basic strategic interest must continue to be the defense of Australia against direct armed attack. Some assume that the economic and strategic influence of the United States, the world’s largest economy and superpower, will be rapidly eclipsed overnight as a result of this new distribution of strategic influence in the Indo-Pacific. It is not Australia’s view.”

Professor Dean Forbes, foreign policy expert, agreed that Australia could continue its bonding with US and should maintain its diplomatic relation with both countries.

According to Dean Forbes, “Australia knows what it was like to live in a bipolar world when the two superpowers were the USSR and the US. But this time, Australia is bigger, stronger, and much more engaged with the other power – China. How Australia deals with this is a major issue for its people as it is for the rest of the world.”

But General David Hurley, current boss of ADF said, “We said right from the start that the operations will be fully funded and all the protection issues that have certainly needed to be put in place will continue.”



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