Mark and Priscilla Zuckerberg decided to make big investment in a philanthropy project


It will focus on personalizing learning, curing disease, connecting people and building strong communities. The announcement was made on December 1 in a Facebook note welcoming the new born Max. At the same time, Zuckerberg declared his strong commitment to remain CEO of Facebook for “many, many years to come..” “A letter to our daughter” received more than 570,000 “likes”. Chan and Zuckerberg have so far committed $1.6 billion to their philanthropy. They have given several donations this year, including to public schools, initiatives to bring better wireless Internet access and to San Francisco General Hospital, where Chan works as a pediatrician. Because Zuckerberg is now in his two months of paternity leave, Sheryl Sandberg, chief operating officer, and Mike Schroepfer, chief technology officer, will run the Facebook company in Zuckerberg’s absence.


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