Cyber Caliphate hacks 54k Twitter accounts and posts CIA and FBI sensitive information


IS’s computer hacking division leader was killed by a US drone during a joint operation with UK back in August. His widow, who is also known as ‘Mrs Terror’, is on the Government list for the most dangerous British recruiters for IS. Besides taking control of Pentagon owned Twitter account back in January, Cyber Caliphate has kept a relatively low profile since Hussain’s death. Experts believe the hacking group has spent several months collecting sensitive Twitter information which was then used to launch the attack. In an opening tweet post, the group detailed last Sunday that they were back in business.

Cyber Caliphate went on to taunt the West: “We need years to publish what we have’ and adding: ‘We will raise our flag in the heart of Europe.” This is by far a worrying escalation of the global cyber war as a link to the database of stolen Twitter accounts was also referenced. The group said that they included details of members of the Saudi royal family too (this was however not confirmed by security experts). It is believed that the attack is also linked to the Government announcement regarding the new surveillance laws that dictate the internet activity of everyone living in Britain has to be stored for a year in digital archives.


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