Crash site of missing Russian passenger plane with 220 tourists on board may have been found


The crash was announced on Saturday and a search is underway. Egyptian authorities concluded that the plane has crashed over the Sinai desert as it went missing just 23 minutes after taking off. ‘Russian civilian plane… crashed in the central Sinai’, explained the Egyptian prime minister Sharif Ismail in a press conference. The Egyptian office has also confirmed that a cabinet level crisis committee has been established to deal with the crisis.

The Airbus A321-231 which was owned by a Dublin-based company took off from the popular destination for Russian tourists, Sinai’s Sharm el-Sheikh, at exactly 5.51am local time. It was carrying 217 passengers and seven crew members on board. A statement carried by the MENA agency explained that a search and rescue team is looking for the plane which was headed to St. Petersburg in Russia. Before the plane was believed to have crashed Egyptian officials told the local media earlier in the day that they regained contact with the plane soon after loosing track of it and that the plane was safely back in Turkish airspace. Investigators will have to check what were the circumstances of the incident and explain what really happened.


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