UK scientists plan to clone the only two giant pandas from Edinburgh Zoo


This is not the first attempt to help an endangered species. It is very difficult to make pandas mate. This is why back in March, during the short time of year when Tian Tian was fertile she was artificially inseminated. Sadly the panda lost the cub during the pregnancy. Bill Ritchie, the doctor who helped create Dolly, is now involved with this new project through bio-technology firm Roslin Embryology. Although to some it might seem that it’s ridiculous to what lengths will scientists go in order to save the panda, not everybody thinks like this. Animal loving groups and enthusiasts all together embrace this operation.

“The fact that you can grow cells is a step on the way… This may be a source for a cloning project. People are wary about cloning and would rather go with conventional methods, but pandas are an anomaly because of their lifestyle. This is a step in bringing back an endangered species or helping preserve them.”, dr. Bill Ritchie declared.


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