$88,000 paid for Titanic’s last lunch menu on paper, at auction online


The content of the menu was: Consomme Fermier; Cockie Lekie; Fillets of Brill; Egg a l’Argenteuil; Chicken a la Maryland;  Corned Beef, Vegetables, Dumplings; From the grill: Grilled Mutton Chops. A letter written by Mabel Francatelli to Salomon on New York’s Plaza Hotel stationery six months after the disaster fetched $7,500 on the auction. “We do hope you have now quite recovered from the terrible experience,” Francatelli wrote to Salomon. “I am afraid our nerves are still bad, as we had such trouble & anxiety added to our already awful experience by the very unjust inquiry when we arrived in London.” The seller of those objects was the son of a man who was given the items by a descendent of one of the survivors of the lifeboat. The identity of buyers was not disclosed.


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