Samsung trolled the iPhone 6s launch in England


Apple’s iPhone sales increase every year as the American multinational technology company head-quartered in Cupertino, California continues to set each quarter new iPhone sales records. Samsung did not share the same success though. For the past seven consecutive quarters Samsung phone and tablet profits have been in a continuous decline. This is probably one of the main reasons why Samsung decided to troll Apple’s big iPhone 6s launch event in England.

People around the world gathered to the Apple Store on Regent Street on Friday in long waiting lines. Samsung hired a team that handed out water bottles, blankets and pillows last night to the people waiting outside in the line. The helpful hand came with a promotional message as the hashtag #NextIsNew was printed on the supplies. Since Samsung cleverly hid their identity most Apple fans thought they received the gifts from Apple employees who have the same shirt color as the bright blue color of Samsung’s gifts. Some did however searched for the hashtag and quickly learned it was all about Samsung’s new marketing scheme. When asked about the gifts one Apple fan in line outside the Regent Street store told reporters “They were given to us by Apple,” He was quickly corrected by his friend who managed to look up the hashtag: “No man, it was Samsung, I did a little research.”


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