Pope Francis at the United Nations General Assembly


The natural environment as long as “we human beings are part of the environment” was a distinct subject, part of speech, based on the .fact that  “the universe is the fruit of a loving decision by the Creator, who permits man respectfully to use creation for the good of his fellow men and for the glory of the Creator:” Pope Francis identified some major problems of the actual humanity which need attention and solutions: “human trafficking, the marketing of human organs and tissues, the sexual exploitation of boys and girls, slave labor, including prostitution, the drug and weapons trade, terrorism and international organized crime.” He asked nations to offer support for the basic family as the primary cell of any social development and to help people to live in dignity. “In practical terms, this absolute minimum has three names: lodging, labor, and land; and one spiritual name: spiritual freedom, which includes religious freedom, the right to education and other civil rights” it’s what he said.


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