McDonalds staff attacked a professor from University of Toronto


He went to a McDonalds restaurant with his family in Champs-Elysees, Paris. After getting the food to their table Mann was brutally attacked by two McDonalds employees that wanted to remove his glasses. The professor screamed at them to stop and asked the staff to check his papers that explain the need for such a device.  Steve Mann keeps this document with him for custom checks and was never required to show it in a public restaurant ever before.

His “eyeglasses” were damaged and went into backup mode. One of the McDonalds employees crumpled the document and then passed it to his colleague who finally tore it up. Thanks to the running computer software police investigators were able to extract images with the proof of the assault from the backup buffer images captured before the eyeglass device malfunctioned.

Steve Mann tried to contact McDonalds asking them to repair his vision system. There was no response to his emails and voice recorded calls up until today.


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