Two treasure hunters claim to have found in Poland a Nazi-era train filled with gold


The Polish authorities want to know if the discovery is real. They can’t confirm but have not argument to prove a lye. For the instant, this became a major preoccupation. The leader of the Walbrzych district council has already met with the heads of the local military, police and fire service, as well as the prosecutor’s office, to discuss their next steps. They warned that the train can contain unexploded bombs and dangerous weapons and if it is in an underground tunnel methane can be present and accumulated.

In 1945, the ghost train left Wroclaw, then part of and known as Breslau, for Walbrzych, but it never reached its destination. Miles of tunnels were built by Nazi in southwest Poland for reasons that have never been completely clear. Many of than can’t be actually accessed without special forage equipments.


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