Cuba became a new destination for American tourists but some restrictions yet apply


The U.S. is authorizing more and more sea travel to Cuba. According to a study by the University of Havana, nearly 89,000 Americans have visited Cuba in 2015 through the end of July. the price starts at $1,800 per person for a 7-day trip with Carnival Cruise Lines. However,” it won’t have a casino. We won’t have Broadway. It’s really not a typical cruise,” said Tara Russell, fathom’s president. However, U.S. credit cards still aren’t accepted in Cuba and  roaming on U.S. cell phone is not possible. Under the new regulations, U.S. visitors to Cuba can legally bring $100 of Cuba’s coveted cigars home with them. U.S. law sets out 12 categories of Americans who are allowed to travel to Cuba, including those who have family on the island or plan to take part in religious, academic or humanitarian work.


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