The first piece of physical evidence of the missing MH370 flight was found and confirmed


The piece is a Boeing 777 wing segment and was discovered on a beach on Reunion Island last week. The search continues for the submerged wreckage, and people are combing beaches for more floating debris, if exist on the same place. Investigators will analyze the metal with high-powered microscopes to probe , if possible, what caused the plane to go down. The Australian agency overseeing the MH370 hunt says modelling shows Indian Ocean currents could have carried debris from the search zone to Reunion. However, the discovery last week would not help to refine the targeted area. An underwater search has completed almost half of a 120,000 square kilometre zone in the Indian Ocean, south-west coast of Australia. The location of the zone was based on the last known location and speeds of the plane, as well as a series of satellite handshakes.



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