Mexico’s government is offering $3.8 million reward for El Chapo


The drug kingpin escaped from the prisonhe was inlast Saturday through a tunnel that he even got to test before the escape. El Chapo used a bird to test the tunnel air before his prison escape. Who ever helped Guzman must have had access to the building’s plans. As a result investigators began questioning more than 30 prison officials and immediately dismissed the head of the prison. The escape was considered by many to be the cause for a profound embarrassment of President Enrique Peña Nieto, thus raising pressure on the government to do much more in order to battle public sector corruption.

Peña Nieto, who just returned from a visit to France, acknowledged on Friday that the escape had indeed caused frustration and that the only way to undo the widespread damage was to recapture Guzman. Additionally, the government said the United States had requested the extradition of Guzman about two weeks before the breakout took place.


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