France refused to give asylum to WikiLeaks founder Julian Assange


They rejected Assange’s Asylum Plea saying in a statement that Assange was in no immediate danger. “A closer examination shows that when taking into account the legal elements and Mr Assange’s situation, France cannot act on his request,” the statement said. Assange, who earned the Time magazine “Person of the Year” title in 2010, is actually granted political asylum by the Ecuadorean government at this country’s embassy in London but not protected if he tries to leave the embassy to head to an airport or train station. An European Arrest Warrant  for him was issued by Swedish authorities after an investigation in connection with two sexual assault cases. If extradited to Sweden he would be in danger of being sent to the US, where he fears he could face the death penalty because Wikileaks’ most prominent revelations came from massive releases of classified US military documents on the Afghan and Iraq wars.


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