The UFO-themed hotel – a provocation for the science fiction dreamers


Luis Ramallo, who launched a Kickstarter campaign (at pledged for the instant $1,532 from 45 donors. “ We’re going to turn what was considered science fiction into science non-fiction,” he says describing the UFO Hotel shaped like an enormous alien spacecraft, with a portal in entrance. It’s projected as a space ship with 31 unique sleep rooms. A strong attraction is planned to be the UFO Hotel Spa where calming sounds and soothing alien light are part of the highly personalized experience, without talking about the dinning experience in this strange building issued as a dream. Hmmm ! Not at least, the UFO Hotel is also the most incredible place in the Universe to get married. Interested ? Luis has already purchased the land, obtained site approval and spent years planning every detail. But you can give him at least $1 until July 18. He don’t really need your money (this is a $ 30 million project and not one of $175,000) but he wants to give you the chance of participation to something which will make everyone proud for participation.However, he only ships rewards for Canada and the U.S.


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