Rockstar gives away one-of-a-kind GTA 5 PC


The PC not only has high specifications but is also one of kind. On the side of the case the game’s “V” logo is present on the side and with the help of some subtle green LED lighting it can create a really nice mood in your gaming room. In order to be able to play GTA V at 4K and still have 60 frames per second, Rockstar is offering a PC configuration that is certainly more powerful than what their official recommended hardware needed for playing the game.

The PC comes equipped with two Nvidia Titan X cards, a six-core 5th Generation Intel Core i7 Processor, 32GB of DDR4 RAM and an Intel 750 series SSD. There already are many game trailers and game video captures on the internet showing that running GTA V at 4k is surely the ideal way to play it. And with this one of a kind system which was built by PC seller Digital Storm you are guaranteed to have the best GTA V experience. In order to have a chance at winning it you have to enter Rockstar’s Giveaway until May 1 over at


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