Reputation of Europe is savaged


Other than with the hindsight, the outsiders tell every measure proved very much little and also very late. Particularly the officials of US complain that the leaders of European either have failed to clutch the level of the problems or proved reluctant to tolerate the uncomfortable political decisions essential to fasten it. Therefore, they all say, what was supposed to have been one of the steadiest parts of our world has become now one of the most changeable.

Fiona Hill who is the former elder officer for USA’s “National Intelligence Council” and recently is the head of Europe program of Washington said that “From almost every conversation I’ve had in the last year – with Chinese, with Indians, with just about anybody – the message is always the same,” Hill also added that “Europe can no longer be trusted. It seems to be moving from being a source of stability to a driver of instability.”

Ian Bremmer, the president of the Political Risk Consultancy Eurasia Group said “The Europeans are completely consumed with a battle to save the euro zone,” he also added, “It’s a deep and ongoing crisis bigger than any they’ve experienced in decades… it’s an environment where European leaders could hardly be expected to prioritize anything else.”

Nikolas Gvosdev, the professor of the National Security Studies at “US Naval War College” said, “Europe probably isn’t going to stop preaching to the rest of the world,” He also said, “But it’s much less likely that others are going to be inclined to listen.”

Brahma Chellaney, the professor of the Strategic Studies of New Delhi at Centre for Policy Research says, “Europe is at a crossroads, with the very future of the EU at stake,” He added too, “If the euro dies, it will mark the end of the European experiment in forging closer financial and political integration. But it will also have wider international implications.”

Bharat Karnad, the colleague of the Chellaney at Centre for Policy Research says, “The health of the euro or the EU, for that matter, will have a marginal impact on gold and power that is tending any way towards Asia, especially China,”.




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