A Titanic related story was scientifically clarified


Before her death in 1992 she contended that she was entitled to the vast majority of the Allison family’s wealth in Canada. Later, Kramer’s grand-daughter, Debherrina Woods, from Florida, restate the claim. After more than a hundred years after the sinking, the mystery has now been solved. The Loraine Allison Identification Project was established by a group of Titanicologists and required participation of Tracy Oost, a forensic scientist at Laurentian University, Ontario, and Titanic expert. He asked both sides to take part in the DNA screening. DNA tests involving members of the Kramer and Allison families revealed that no genetic link was found between descendants from both sides of the dispute. So, after death, Helen Kramer who claimed to be Loraine Allison was proved impostor.


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