Solar Impulse-2 flies around the world without classic fuel


Borschberg told to the media: “I am confident we have a very special aeroplane, and it will have to be to get us across the big oceans.” This plane has a wingspan of  72 m, which is wider than a 747 jumbo jet and it weighs only 2.3 tones. It was equipped with 17,248 solar cells and lithium-ion batteries. The cockpit measures just 3.8 cubic metres in volume , like a public telephone box, but includes a chair, bed, and even a toilet. Piccard and Borschberg will be permitted only catnaps of up to 20 mins. Borschberg will use yoga to try to stay fresh. Piccard is using self-hypnosis techniques. Solar Impulse 2 can reach speeds of nearly 100 mph, but the plan is to limit speed to about 60 mph. A group of engineers will follow the plane around the globe with a mobile hangar to house the plane when it is not in the air.

The plane is expected to reach its destination – Muscat, Oman – after about 10 hours of flight, in the first etape. After Oman, the plane will head to , where it will make two stops, then to China and Myanmar before heading across the Pacific and stopping in . After it will fly to Phoenix, Arizona, and New York’s biggest airport, John F. Kennedy International. The path across the Atlantic will depend on the weather and could include a stop in southern Europe or Morocco before ending in Abu Dhabi in late July or even August.


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