Andrus Nõmm is the first to be convicted in the Megaupload copyright infringement case


(you can read more on the FBI raid on Kim Dotcom from 2012 here). And earlier this week he was arrested again in Virginia after years of fighting extradition back to the Netherlands.

Megaupload owner Kim Dotcom, who is accused of having used the online file storage service as a piracy ring considers the coder was innocent and that he eventually pleaded guilty in order to escape his tormenting present. In a tweet Kim Dotcom wrote: “The US Justice system: An innocent coder pleads guilty after 3 years of DOJ abuse, with no end in sight, in order to move on with his life”.

But according to the Department of Justice, Andrus Nõmm reportedly admitted he knew Megaupload servers hosted copyrighted materials including files with FBI’s anti-piracy warning. Furthermore, according to the same statement, the programmers even personally downloaded such materials and continued to participate in the Mega Conspiracy. In the middle of this year in Auckland, , an extradition hearing for 4 other co-defendants is scheduled. Kim Dotcom is one of them.


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