A child name value of $31,000, your choice to pay


The process takes about 100 hours and involves a team of 13 copywriters, 12 translators, four historians and two trademark lawyers. Their work to find a name includes a screening of historical and cultural family background and the need to have a harmony with the last name of the family. Finally, they provide the family with a list of 15 to 25 custom baby-naming combinations and to give them help to make a choice the company will also send the list to hundred of people who will pick and indicate their favorite. When the name is chosen, Erfolgswelle crafts a history and mythology around it. Even a sort of competition was announced: they had not disclosed any of the names that have already been developed because of family privacy requests but will refund the fee for the first family that officially bestows one of the unique names upon their child and reveals it to the press within two weeks.


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