The New Year 2015 across the world


In the Chinese capital Beijing, eight hours ahead of London, an event will be held in the Olympic Park. In Japan, at midnight, temple bells will strike 108 times, the number of evils, or temptations, as defined by Buddhism. In Rio De Janeiro more than 1 million people are expected to flock on Copacabana beach. New Year’s Eve celebrations have already started across North America with New York’s traditional crystal ball already in place in Times Square. In Scotland celebrations have been underway since Tuesday night when Edinburgh kicked off the Hogmanay festival. In London fireworks will light up the sky above the South Bank at midnight. Celebrated in the mountains or at the seashore, at 35 or at minus 20 degrees, the arrival of the  New Year is a moment of a new hope in the life of entire humanity, one of the few in which people have the same things and attempts.


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