Ustin, one of the three rare Siberian tigers released by President Putin, eats goats on Chinese farms


Two of the three animals are in China now, monitored by Chinese wildlife protection workers fitted with tracking devices. On Monday, Guo Yulin ,a farm owner in Heilongjiang province’s Fuyuan county, lost 15 goats, eaten by a tiger named Ustin . He will be compensate by the local forestry department. The tiger’s footprints were around the house. There are only 600 Siberian tigers left in the wild, worldwide, and less than 30 of those are in China. The Siberian tiger very rarely becomes a man-eater but attacks on humans were reported in the past.

Developed in 1982, the Species Survival Plan for the Siberian tiger is the longest running program for a tiger subspecies. In 1986, the Chinese government established the world’s largest Siberian tiger breeding base “Heilongjiang Northeast Tiger Forest Park”. In August 2010, China and Russia agreed to enhance conservation and cooperation in protected areas in a transboundary area for Amur tigers.


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