Virgin Galactic to resume test flights within six months


A week ago SpaceShipTwo disintegrated soon after being released from its mother spaceship WhiteKnightTwo. While the pilot Pete Siebold survived with injuries the accident was fatal for co-pilot Michael Alsbury who died in the crash. The news that the company can resume test flights comes after was announced by the National Transportation Safety Board that they “are free to continue operating during the investigation”.

When asked how they will proceed ’s spokeswoman had the following to say: “We will be able to continue flying the mother ship while NTSB look into the cause of the crash.. We are being thoughtful about how we proceed — first we have to take care of our team and family who have without a doubt been affected by the accident and the loss of their colleague.”

Fortunately for the company, despite all the bad publicity behind the deadly crash there have been only a “small percentage requesting refunds… due to personal circumstances”


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