Lawsuit filled against those legally responsible for the tragedy of MH370 flight


They says that Malaysia Airlines failed in its contractual responsibility to deliver Jee to his destination. Civil aviation authorities, immigration department and air force for negligence are also sued in this case. “Our clients are after the truth. We have confidence in our judiciary system that this suit will be heard and dealt with fairly,” a statement by the family’s legal team said. Lawyers consider this a strong case. The family ask damages. Probably many other people will follow this way to obtain compensation. Many aspects of the MH370 flight were considered as aggravating the culpability of the responsive authorities. As the lawyers said , neither the government nor airline has revealed any results from investigations launched in the aftermath of the tragedy, and consistently stresses that only recovery of the lost Boeing 777 aircraft will provide full answers. This is supposed to make even more easy to win on the court.


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