Transcripts from the Nuremberg war-crimes trials to be auctioned in Alaska


The Maxine Carr collection is being auctioned as one lot. An old undated news article found among his wife’s possessions says Maxine Carr worked for 32 months on the International Military Tribunal staff in Nuremberg. She died at least a decade ago Her 91-year-old widower, Chand Sud, lives in an Anchorage assisted living facility was surprised to learn about the documents, although he knew of her Nuremberg past. He said  it was very unsettling to read the documents found in an old trunk which was locked in Anchorage. Many institutions, including the Harvard Law School Library, have extensive collections of Nuremberg trial documentation. Last year, other Nuremberg documents surfaced in Israel at a flea market in Tel Aviv. One of them sold for a price tag in the $10,000 range.


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