Stephanie Beaudoin was labeled “world’s sexiest criminal”


She and three teenage partners in crime (one of them only 13-years-old, in addition to a 15-year-old and a 17-year-old) allegedly broke into and burglarized 42 different homes. Stephanie is considered  a compulsive criminal by the authorities and psychiatrists are asked to evaluate her. The “world’s sexiest crook” faced 114 charges including for receiving stolen goods and even gun (illegally owning and storing a cache of nine firearms).

But Stephanie Beaudoin is a sexy woman and her photo posted on Twitter received many appreciations from the male users. They posted very explicit messages asking to be in love with her. As an example, you can read on Twitter: “Stephanie Beaudoin can steal my heart any day”. A Twitter user posted his home address inviting her to break into his house whenever she wanted and even revealing where he would leave an extra house key,  “under the plant pot.” She is due back in court on November 17


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