Pro and against ISIS on Twitter


ISIS use social media and Twitter in particular to recruit fans for their ideology. They know how to twit well and attractive. They even developed an Arabic-language Twitter app called “The Dawn of Glad Tidings,” an official Islamic State product used to keep its users up-to-date on its latest posts and news. Some people respond to the ISIS’ invitation and become volunteers. But know, in replica, a social media campaign was reactivated last week using the hashtag  #NotInMyName , used since 2003 to combat the violence in London. 

In the past few days, nearly 20,000 Tweets have used it expressing the opposition against the violent and horrible actions of the ISIS. It’s a Muslim youths campaign around the globe launched by the British community organization Active Change Foundation, based in east London. “There’s no rationale, there’s no religious understanding that these guys are applying to justify what they’re doing,” said the founder of the #NotInMyName,


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