Increased international participation in the combat against Ebola outbreak


“The intent of this piece of equipment is to provide a facility that healthcare workers in the affected region can use for themselves if they become ill or injured,” Warren said. At this time, no U.S. personnel will be providing patient care. The Ebola outbreak has spread across much of Liberia and . In Liberia, the disease has killed 1,089 people among 1,871 cases.

The World Health Organization warned Monday that an “exponential increase” in new cases, many thousands of new infections are expected in Liberia in the coming weeks.They estimated it will take six to nine months to contain the outbreak which could affect up to 20,000 people. Even the region’s stability could be affected. Britain will open a 62-bed treatment centre in in the coming weeks. It will be operated by military engineers and medical staff with help from the charity Save the Children. More international and local health workers are needed. According to , in Liberia alone 152 health-care workers have been infected with Ebola and 79 have died.


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