ISIS warned the US about possible attacks


The American airstrikes are an attempt to help thousands of people, members of the Yazidi, an ethnic minority who were trapped on a mountain range by fighters of the Islamic State of Iraq and Greater Syria (ISIS). New strikes were  requested by the Iraqi government,  intended to help Iraqi and Kurdish security forces. At least 14 airstrikes were conducted on Sunday, and had successfully damaged or destroyed ISIS vehicles and one of its checkpoints.

The dangerous actions of ISIS preoccupied also the Pope Francis. He said Monday the international community would be justified in stopping Islamist militants in Iraq. “In these cases, where there is an unjust aggression I can only say that it is legitimate to stop the unjust aggressor,” he told to the media. The Pope recommended, however, that a such action should not be up to a single nation to decide.

He suggested the international community had to respond together and the United Nations is the proper forum to consider the issue.


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