World’s most pierced man was banned in Dubai


Even his passport was initially stamped at the airport, he was stopped before he was able to exit customs. Workers from the airport told him that officials were concerned he could be a practitioner of “black magic”. Even in Dubai, Islamic values remain strong. “Cirque le Soir Dubai always strives to bring unique entertainment and concepts to the , however we will always act in line with the laws that govern this nation,” said Jad Lahoud, the executive director of Pragma Lifestyle, the company that runs the Dubai branch of the club, explaining the situation to its members.

Buchholz has a record 453 piercings, many of them on his face and genitals, being included in Guinness World Records. He is an information technology professional from Dortmund, . On his Facebook page he has more than 4800 followers and the number is increasing after the related incident in Dubai. Buchholz discovered the world of piercing 11 years ago, and loved it. He also loves tattoos.

The female piercing record recognized by Guiness World Records is Elaine Davidson, with almost 7,000 piercings all over her body.


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