Complaint against Facebook , at a commercial court in Vienna , over privacy violations


He claims to receive damages of 500 euros per user for the violations by the social network, asking to all the 1.32 billion Facebook users to join him in his legal battle. “The privacy policy, participation in the PRISM programme, Facebook’s graph search, apps on Facebook, tracking on other web pages and ‘big data’ systems that spy on users or the non-compliance with access requests” was enumerated in the class action to prove the bad practice of Facebook.  “There is too little transparency. I was studying their terms for months now and I can still not tell you what they are doing with my data it’s all very vague and unclear. What I think is very problematic is also that we got a lot of data that we previously removed in our data sets that Facebook has not deleted,” Max Schrems said to the media. “Our aim is to make Facebook finally operates lawfully in the area of data protection,” he added.

Max Schrems demonstrated in the complaint as an aggravating circumstance the fact that Facebook retains data even after the user logout. He is asking to have user control about personal information at Facebook: “ It is our data that we put on Facebook so we should have the right to do whatever we want with it”.


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