One of Putin’s daughters faced hostile reactions in the Netherlands


The 29-year-old Maria Putina is living with her Dutch boyfriend Jorrit Faasen in Voorschoten, just 32 kilometres from the airport where the ill-fated Malaysia Airlines plane took off. Her address was leaked by Ukrainian activists online. Ukrainians in the country protested outside her apartment in Voorschoten. Many social media users have agreed with calls for her deportation. They used the hashtag #mariapoetin, which applies the Dutch spelling of Putin. Last days, she was reported fleeing her home in the Netherlands. Maria’s boyfriend Faassen has held top jobs at Russia’s state-owned Gazprom energy company and Stroytransgaz, a leading pipeline-construction company. Putin protected his daugher identity for many years and reacted when her picture was presented in a social network. But now, some Maria’s pictures became viral in the Internet.


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