Female Yahoo executive involved in sex lawsuit


The complaint was filed in Santa Clara Superior Court in San Jose, California on Tuesday. The accusations of harassment and wrongful termination of a contract appeared in a lawsuit that targets the high level executive at Yahoo Inc.

Yahoo denied all such allegations and vouched for Zhang, calling her an “exemplary” executive. A Yahoo representative declared: “There is absolutely no basis or truth to the allegations against Maria Zhang. Maria is an exemplary Yahoo executive and we intend to fight vigorously to clear her name”

Shi, who is now seeking punitive as well as monetary damages, accused her former boss of forcing her into having an intimate relationship. Maria Zhang allegedly had “oral and digital sex” with Nan Shi. Shi complained that Zhang often forced her to write work emails after having sex on weekends. She told the press that after going to human resources to complain about the alleged behaviour of her former boss she was put on unpaid leave and after her performance reviews were unfairly downgraded she was wrongfully fired.


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