Pope Francis says „NO“ to recreational drugs


The head of the Catholic Church is supposed to determine in chain reactions over the world because he is a popular and very influential person. His strong opposition is now revealed in a moment when the subject is controversial. Recreational marijuana is now legal in the U.S. states of Colorado and Washington. Oregon will vote later this year. Uruguay approved selling marijuana cigarettes in pharmacies. Even in European countries, like Netherlands, possession of small amounts is not prosecuted anymore. The world is changing. The Pope himself has some major contributions to help the change and people know his tolerance in face of many controversial things, acting as an open mind. This time he is no longer tolerant. He says „NO“ and probably this will attract him against his enemies. It’s a significative moment when the power of the Church, based on classic moral principles, will confront with political and economic considerations. The final answer will not be known today but during time it will be interesting to know the winner, this will be an important aspect to understand the actual profile of the global humanity.


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