Facebook , the outage and commenters


We collected below some of them:  „Aw, you mean people all over the world were unable to copy-and-paste others’ mediocrity, banality, and pseudo-philosophy for more than 20 minutes? The horror!“ (workingclass1)  „Cats of the world are certainly relieved“ (disqus_AI6vMsKI9d) „So people had to socialize with people they actually know. Oh the horror!“ (tempete) „When facebook is down, people crib on twitter. When twitter is down, people crib on whatsapp. When Whatsapp is down, it is probably the end of the world.“ (Whodunit) „Meanwhile, Islamo-Fascists are killing thousands every day in their Modern Day Jihad.“ (Michelle Teller) „Actually it was not funny then it was funny after I got back on and I seen all the post from all over the world. I made about 25 new friends over it too.“ (oohdale) „ok, people. facebook’s up and running. now everybody get back to miserabilia“ (Andi Tuţescu) „Does anyone remember what to do with our lives when Facebook is down?“ (Heelbook) „+, here is your chance! Facebook is down. SHINE, SHINE! „ (tommienu) „In a few years we all will be asking eachother: Where were you when facebook went down?“ (mlnr) „Facebook is down. Be prepared for a lot of births in 9 months.“ (berrebi)  „Phew, Facebook is back after the world’s longest and most terrifying 25 minutes in internet history!“ (MintDesignNZ)


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